New Band Altert: The Milk Carton Kids

It’s Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale! Looks like they’ve finally made it official. This makes me very happy as I LOVE this duo. The formation of The Milk Carton Kids was just announced so don’t forget to like on facebook, follow on twitter, and check out their website.

They have a couple songs up for FREE download on their site. So, what are you waiting for? Just press “download”!

They are on tour this summer, opening for Joe Purdy. That means, The Troubadour on April 30th for all my fellow Los Angelenos. For everyone else, check out their website or just look at the dates and places below:


4/22 Austin, TX: The Parish
4/23 Dallas, TX : The Loft
4/25 Santa Fe, NM: Corazon
4/27 Phoenix, AZ : Rhythm Room
4/28 Solano Beach, CA : Bellyup Tavern
4/30 Los Angeles, CA : Troubadour
5/3 San Francisco, CA : The Independent
5/5 Portland, OR : Doug Fir
5/7 Vancouver, BC : The Rio Theater
5/9 Boise, ID : Neurolux
5/10 Salt Lake City, UT : State Room
5/12 Denver, CO : Bluebird Theater
5/14 Lawrence, KS : Bottleneck
5/15 Des Moines, IA : Vaudeville Mews
5/16 Minneapolis, MN : Varsity Theater
5/17 Milwakee, WI : Turner Hall
5/18 Chicago, IL : Lincoln Hall
5/19 St Louis, MO : Off Broadway
6/9 Birmingham, AL : WorkPlay
6/10 Atlanta, GA : The Loft
6/11 Asheville, NC : Grey Eagle
6/12 Carborro, NC : Cat’s Cradle
6/14 Annapolis, MD : Ram’s Head
6/15 Philadelphia, PA : World Café Live
6/16 New York City, NY : Highline Ballroom
6/17 Fairfield, CT : Stage One
6/20 Northampton, MA : Iron Horse
6/21 Allston, MA : Brighton Music Hall
6/22 Fall River, MA : Narrows Center for the Arts
6/23 Burlington, VT : Higher Ground
6/25 Montreal, QC : Petit Campus
6/26 Toronto, ONT : Horseshoe Tavern
6/27 Pittsburgh, PA : Rex Theater
6/28 Cleveland, OH : Beachland Ballroom
6/30 Syracuse, NY : Westcott Theater

~ Kristen


p.s. Joey and Kenneth playing “Girls, Gather Round” live at the Vail Film Festival:


Kristen’s ’10 Mix – Track 5 – Jealousy Curve

5. “Control” – Jealousy Curve

go check out the entire album here

the only video of this song I could find…

As you all probably know, Jealousy Curve is one of my all time favorite bands. This year marked the release of their 3rd album, Marionettes!. Unfortunately, this will be the last Jealousy Curve album as May 22nd at World Cafe Live was the final Jealousy Curve show. I flew out, of course, to join my Jealousy Curve family in one last, somewhat tearful, sing-along with our favorite band. The song, “Control” is not only one of my faves from the new record, it lyrically encapsulates my feelings about the break-up of one of the most important bands in my life. “There must be some peace in letting go”

 Some pictures from that final show:

~ Kristen

track 4: Joe Firstman
track 6: Mumford & Sons

Jealousy Curve:The Final Show

“There must be some peace in letting go” 

May 22 was the CD release/final show of one of my very first favorite bands, Jealousy Curve. I flew to Philadelphia to have one last Jealousy Curve experience. I’ve spent more time than I really had to spend this past week or so writing about the show and the band and the impact they’ve had on my life over the years…I got up to 11 pages…single spaced.  I was going to break it all down into a series of posts covering the many different ways this band has influenced my life, each with pictures, music, and video from over the years. Some lovely bits of writing really, but I’ve decided in writing about this band I was basically writing about myself and I just don’t think we know each other well enough quite yet for me to be spilling my entire life’s story. Although to say that my engorged eulogizing revealed so much about me pretty much sums it all up: Jealousy Curve = my life.   

Their final show was celebrating the release of their new CD, Marionettes!, and the band played just about all the songs from the new disc. They also treated us with songs spanning their entire catalog, prompting the audience into massive sing-alongs to classics like “Gravity” as well as unreleased gems like “I Need to Hear I’m Right”. They did several of my favorites from their EP, This is for your own destruction, including “Nothing, Nothing at All” and “Black Widow”, but I wish they would have gotten around to more tunes from their debut album, Life as an Addict. It would have been nice to hear “Useless” or “Bruise” one last time. 

But the performance itself was certainly not lacking. Face-melting rock was delivered and every ounce of emotional intensity was laid bare on the stage. By the time they got to their encore of “I’m Sorry”, “Selfish Thing”, and “Until We’re Free”, it was impossible to hold back the tears. It’s an odd combination; smiling, dancing and crying… 


I am still reeling from the profound loss I feel. Jealousy Curve was such an important fixture in my life for so many years, their shows were the very milestones by which I lived my life. But it’s not just the loss of the band and of the music, but of the entire family created by the band that I felt so much a part of…and an excuse to visit the city to which so much of my heart still belongs. So even though I know this is not the end and I should be looking forward to all the new musical projects that will surface, I can’t help but feel a bit lost, as if one of the pillars of my very foundation is now gone. 


Jealousy Curve- “Control” (Marionettes!)  

And you can call me crazy if you want (and many people do)…but in my opinion everyone should have something in their lives that makes them irrationally blissful. For me, that’s my music. So this post goes out to anyone who has ever been emotionally impacted by a particular musician or band. I hope that you understand. 

A toast: 

For all the music played, and dear friends made
the sing-alongs, the quite songs, and all the conversations
that drifted into the wee hours of the morning 

To Jealousy Curve: you will be missed, but never forgotten 

~ Kristen 

A short playlist: 

Selfish Thing (Life as An Addict)
Gravity (I’ve waited long enough) (Life as An Addict)
nothing, nothing at all (This is for your own destruction)
i’m sorry (This is for your own destruction)
Man Alive (Marionettes!)
Don’t Lie Down
We Never Wanted a Legacy (unreleased)

Jealousy Curve is: Steven LaFashia, Shane Rozum, Michael Leavy, and David Sikorski

In Philadelphia tonight?

I am! If you are too, you’d best be purchasing your tickets to the WCL tonight (Saturday). Jealousy Curve is putting on their last show. Last chance to get your faces melted right off…seriously the combination of sweat and tears will surely make it look like I’m melting. If you see a puddle on the floor, kindly step around.

Also playing: IKE, The Shakers, and Camille Beruto. Starts at 7pm. World Cafe Live. Philadelphia. The place to be tonight! Hope you can join me…

~ Kristen

Kristen’s Concert Calendar: 5/17-5/23

Last week was a very emotional week of beginnings and endings…and many goodbyes. On the music front, one of my favorite bands, Jealousy Curve, officially announced that they were going to end their run as a band. Their last show will be their record release next Saturday in Philadelphia at World Cafe Live. (yes I will be there). Carney’s record release show Saturday in Los Angeles at The El Rey signified the exact opposite; the beginning of a successful and (hopefully) very long career. Watching the guys be escorted from the back to the signing table where we all had to wait in line to get our CDs signed and say our hellos really made me realize how far the band has come since I saw them play every week at Molly Malone’s. The entire set was a bit emotional for me. I was at once immensely grateful for having such an amazing band be a part of my life for the last couple of years and incredibly sad that they were leaving Los Angeles and I would not be seeing them play again anytime soon.

But such is life. Really it just gives me more time and energy to discover amazing new bands to enrich and fulfill my life, right? Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Here are the bands and musicians I’m looking at this week to potentially take up the mantel of “new favorite band” and help fill the massive void  in both my concert calendar and my heart left by the breaking up of Jealousy Curve and year-long departure of Carney:

Monday: Filthy Souls at 14 Below in Santa Monica (8pm)
ALSO: The Like FREE at The Echo (10pm)
ALSO: Wartapes at Silverlake Lounge (11pm)
ALSO: MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief Fund Benefit at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)…line up TBA
ALSO: Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 (9pm) 

Tuesday: Nina Storey at The Hotel Cafe (8pm)

Weds: Queen Caveat at The Viper Room (10:45)
ALSO: Beachwood Rockers’ Society at Crane’s 

Thursday: Shout Out Louds at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: Glee Live at Gibson Amphitheater (8pm)
ALSO: Terra Naomi at The Hotel Cafe (8pm) 

Friday: Glee Live at Gibson Amphitheater (8pm)
ALSO: The National at The Wiltern (8pm)
ALSO: OK GO at The Musicbox (8pm)
ALSO: Far at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Lelia Broussard at Room 5 (7pm)
ALSO: Shout Out Louds at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: Vienna Teng & Alex Wong and Sara Watkins at McCabe’s (8pm) 

Saturday: The National at The Wiltern (8pm)
ALSO: Glee Live at Gibson Amphitheater (8pm)
ALSO: The Real Sunset Strip On the Rox with Terra Incognita (9pm)
***if you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, you’d better join me at World Cafe Live to witness the last performance of Jealousy Curve…also playing IKE, Camille Peruto, and LA’s own The Shakers! 

Sunday: Frightened Rabbit at The Musicbox (8pm)
ALSO: Lelia Broussard at Saint Rocke (7pm) 

To Keep in Mind:
May 28th: The Silent Comedy and Dirty Sweet at North Park Theater (in SD)
June1st: First Aid Kit at Bootleg
June 3rd: Mumford & Sons at The Music Box
June 6th: Mumford & Sons with The Silent Comedy at BellyUp (in SD)
June 10-13th: BONNAROO
June 25th: Warped Tour in LA
July 10th: Lilith Fair

~ Kristen

Favorite Band Alert! Jealousy Curve

Since I just flew across the country to see these guys, I thought they deserved a mention here. Jealousy Curve has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard their Muse-like notes back in 2006.  Since then, they have provided the soundtrack for some of the most memorable moments in my life. I can honestly say few things make me happier then dancing with friends at a Jealousy Curve show.  Michael Leavy, Steve LaFashia, Shane Rozum, and Dave Sikorski are also some of the nicest (and incidentally the tallest) guys I know.

I am SO very excited about their forthcoming CD, Marionettes!, and big release party on May 22nd at The World Cafe Live in Philadelphia with Camille Peruto, IKE, and LA’s The Shakers. Definately calls for another trip across the country…

but in the mean time:

Listen their music here

Preorder their new CD: (see above)

Get their first CD Life As An Addict and EP This is For Your Own Destruction here

Go to the show

Tell them how amazing they are on facebook

And remember, no matter what happens, Don’t Lie Down

~ Kristen

p.s. some pics from the two shows I had the immense privilege of being a part of. One at Arcadia University in Genside, PA and the other at Jocyln’s in Media, PA with guest drummer, the amazing Ron DiSilvestro

Dave and Leavy at Arcadia University

Steve and Shane at Arcadia University

Steve and Leavy at Jocyln's

Dave and Ron at Jocyln's

Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever!

If you’re in Philadelphia, you should definitely check this out. I just got the following in an email from World Cafe Live:

World Cafe Live’s first-ever Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 3rd at 1 p.m. Six Easter eggs will be placed around Center City & University City with a pair of tickets in each for a certain show!!

Here is how you can play: Follow us on Twitter: and on Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m., we will tweet six clues to help you find the eggs. Each clue is paired with one show: Ozomatli, Jason Collett, Aqualung, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars and Tao Rodriguez Seeger & Paper Bird! Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to let you know which clue goes with which show so you can be sure to hunt down the right one! When you’ve found the egg, tweet us back!

Does that not sound like the best idea for an Easter egg hunt!?! Someone in LA should set this up. I want to play!

~ Kristen