Local LA Shows For The Week

Nico Vega’s new music video for their song “Gravity” is FINALLY out! I was fortunate enough to be a part of it and so proud of how it turned out. We might as well call this Nico Vega week. Starts with a fantastic music video and ends on Friday with their show at the El Rey opening for The Soundtrack of Our Lives. And if you’re really crazy (like me), you might consider a midweek journey to San Diego to catch them at The Casbah…seriously…

I can’t get enough of this band and if you haven’t already, please check them out!

Gravity- Nico Vega

As for the rest of the week (and can we talk about Tues. and how unfair it is for everyone to be playing that evening):

Monday: Joey Ryan at Room 5 (9pm)

Tuesday: Aiden Moore CD release at Molly Malone’s (10pm)

ALSO: Butch Walker CD release at The Hotel Café (10:30)…need a ticket for this one

ALSO: Until June at The Viper Room (8pm)

ALSO: Haim at The Echo (9pm)

ALSO: Tayler Locke and the Roughs at Cinespace (10pm)…found out this Rooney lad has started his own group…my sources tell me to check it out…

ALSO: Lelia Broussard at Room 5 (9pm)

Weds: Nico Vega at The Casbah in San Diego (9pm)

ALSO: The Rescues at The Troubadour (9:45)

ALSO: Beachwood Rocker’s Society at Crane’s

Thursday: Joey Ryan, Jim Bianco and Dan Wilson at The Hotel Café (8,9,10)

ALSO: Visqueen at Spaceland (10pm)

ALSO: my good friend Patrick is singing with Pancho and Sancho at The Troubadour (8pm)…there may or may not be a pirate costume…J

ALSO: Audra Mae at Bootleg (10pm)

Friday: Nico Vega at The El Rey (8pm)

ALSO: Truth & Salvage Co. at The Hotel Café (11:30)

ALSO: Still Waters Run Deep at Molly Malone’s (10pm)

Saturday: Lemon Sun at Bootleg (midnight)

ALSO: Kina Grannis at The Dakota Music Lounge (8pm)

ALSO: Mississippi Man at L’Keg Gallery (8pm)

Sunday:  nothing comes to me…sorry



To Keep in Mind:

March 4th: Mike Doughty at The Troubadour

March 9th and 10th: Manchester Orchestra at The Troubadour

March 11th: The Silent Comedy and Transfer at The Casbah

March 11th: Joey Ryan and Melissa Ferrick at The Hotel Café

March 27th: San Diego Indie Fest

March 27th/28th: Bamboozled Left featuring Something Corporate and AFI

April 9th: Lights and Owl City at Club Nokia

April 16th: George Stanford CD release at The Hotel Café

April 16th-19th: Coachella

June 10-13th: BONNAROO


  • “Million Years”- Nico Vega
  • “Vaxxine” – Visqueen
  • “Free Life” – Dan Wilson…have I mentioned that this guy writes some of my very favorite lyrics?

~ Kristen