SXSW Recap: Thursday 3/15

I think the mantra for SXSW this year is “I Will Survive.” At least, that was my mantra today. I am now 5 badges and 10 wristbands into SXSW and made it to 13 shows today. While I’m certain I could have accomplished more, my body was unable to handle the pressure. Well, it wasn’t my body so much as my feet. You spend the majority of your (entire) day walking or standing and that’s a lot for some feet to take if they aren’t used to it.

Thankfully the adrenaline from the music was able to abate the pain and I was able to enjoy the day (when I didn’t want to take my feet off). My day started and ended with The Silent Comedy. They proceeded to tear down (or maybe melt) the Velveeta Room and finished the set with myself, Trina, and Lauren onstage dancing and singing with tambourines in our hands and Josh on the floor in the crowd. It happens.

The day also included a full band set from Tournament of Hearts, a sampling of Morning Parade and another helping of Twin Atlantic at the swanky Hard Rock Hotel show. By this point, my feet are none too happy with me from all the walking I’d done the day before. However, the draw of Neon Trees was too much to resist. I walked to Antones and made it in just in time. At one point, I contemplated not attending but I’m very glad I made it out. New music and old music along with overall shenanigans that singer Tyler brings. Made m way to the Filter party and proceeded to win $10 from Amazon, which was not the highlight. The highlight was seeing Kaiser Chiefs from the VIP balcony rocking out to a packed house! Talk about awesome!

Despite the desire to take my feet off, I managed to make it through Penguin Prison and Semi Precious Weapons. It was time to rest for a bit before going back out for the evening to finish the night with Eve 6, Standing Shadows, Vanaprasta, and Nico Vega, and The Silent Comedy. Somehow, despite all the idle pain, there is nothing but happiness during those moments of music and i think that’s part of what makes SXSW special. But now, it’s time to stretch out, hydrate, and rest up because we are going to do it all over again tomorrow!