New Band Love: After Midnight Project

So instead of writing up some grand summary of the events of last weekend (Nico Vega/Metric at The Hollywood Palladium, San Diego Indie Music Fest, Bamboozled), or trying to post some of the 300+ pictures I’ve taken (they’ll come up eventually on facebook), I just wanted to share with you the story of my newest band obsession, After Midnight Project.

These guys were the first band we saw Sunday at Bamboozled…such a great way to start the day! The crowd wasn’t very big so it was easy to get up front and take some pictures. The set was elevating…the band has a great dynamic and the energy on stage was transferrable to the audience (always a good sign). I instantly fell in love with the sound and the songs.

After the set we ventured over to the merch booth and met their lovely merch guy, a fellow Cardinals’ lover (I was sporting a hat showcasing my favorite baseball team).  We purchased the band’s CD, Let’s Build Something to Break, and chatted a bit with the band. Turns out they are from LA (YAY!) although they don’t really play local shows (not so yay). So, if you’re in LA and want to catch them, you’ll have to wait ‘til Warped Tour.

Next comes the amusing story. The band announced that they were going to do an acoustic set later in the day…and, as you may know, I’m a big fan of rock bands breaking it down acoustically. When we ventured over to the acoustic venue we weren’t exactly sure how it worked. I just walked in, but Amanda was stopped outside. Turned out, the acoustic set was a VIP only event. With one of us in and one of us out, what were we to do?!?

But, in case you didn’t know, Amanda is awesome. She told me to stay where I was and a set and a half later she appeared at my side…having gotten in with the band. Turns out, After Midnight Project is really great to their fans. When Amanda told them of our predicament, they were more than happy to help out!

And I’m so glad it all worked out because the After Midnight Project acoustic set was definitely the highlight of my day (well, right after seeing Something Corporate again after so many years). They even pulled off the song entitled “Scream For You” which involves screaming from both the band and the audience. After the set, we got to hang out a bit more and meet some of the After Midnight Project family.

Anyway, another band to add to my list! I haven’t stopped listening to their CD since I got it (I’m finally able to take that Biffy Clyro CD out of my car stereo). If you want to see After Midnight Project live (as you should), they are currently touring with Story of the Year so be sure to catch that show if it comes to your area. And if you go to Warped Tour be sure to check them out there. Personally, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a local headlining show at The Roxy or something…

~ Kristen